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    Graham's Vintage Port

    Graham's has a reputation as a producer of outstanding Vintage Port for well over a century. These wines are renowned for their remarkable richness, concentration and firm tannic structure: a combination which yields impressive longevity. Graham's Vintage Ports consistently attain the highest ratings in tastings and invariably attract very high bids at fine wine auctions.

    Vintage Ports are only made in years of exceptionally high quality harvests, which on average occur two or three times in a decade. The weather in the vineyards is the principal determining factor: conditions must be ideal throughout the growing season, as well as during the subsequent harvest.

    Graham's extraordinary quality is the result of the unique characteristics of the five vineyards that contribute to the Vintage Port.


      Graham's 1955 Vintage Port

      Graham's 1955 is one of the best wines of that year. Big, with generous fruit flavours, it is a superbly balanced wine, smooth and concentrated, with a soft and delicate copper colour on the rim. The wine shows plenty of grip on the palate, with soft, rounded fruit flavours. This is one of the most underrated Vintages of the 20th century: a real pleasure to drink now or in a few decades time.

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        Graham's 1960 Vintage Port

        This wine went through a quiet period in the early 1980's'. Now the 1960 Graham's has settled into one of the most glorious old Vintage Ports, of the very highest quality. After many years of bottle-ageing, this wine imparts a superb combination of lovely mature fruit and elegance, which only this length of time in bottle can give.

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          Graham's 1963 Vintage Port

          Power, dimension and character are all hallmarks of this most memorable Vintage. Even after many years, the Graham's 1963 never fails to impress, with its superbly balanced components of fruit, tannin and elegance. This wine conveys rose-petal aromas and the flavours of concentrated and caramelised fruit are in perfect balance. A legend in the history of Port.

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            Graham's 1966 Vintage Port


            This superb Vintage displays a very attractive pale red rim, surrounding a deep crimson centre. It has a classic Graham's nose of mature red fruits, with hints of mint and eucalyptus. On the palate it is smooth and complex, with fine tannins, and a very long finish.

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              Graham's 1970 Vintage Port

              Graham's is one of the finest wines of this year, showing all the very best characteristics of the rich 1970 Vintage. There is an excellent deep, garnet red colour at the heart of the glass. On the nose this wine reveals a rich intensity of caramelised fruit and coffee. This wine is perfectly harmonised, round and soft, yet with a certain grip, and presents huge length on the palate.

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                Graham's 1977 Vintage Port

                This is a superlative, powerful, big-hearted Port, with rich, complex fruit. Beautifully harmonious and well balanced; this excellent Vintage has the potential to continue developing in bottle for many years ahead. The 1977 is considered one of the very finest Vintages of the second half of the 20th century. Graham's 1977 is widely regarded as being second to none.

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                  Graham's 1980 Vintage Port

                  Graham's 1980 Vintage Port has Graham's typically rich, concentrated fruit, and strong underlying grip, the result of firm tannins. This well-structured Vintage was initially unfairly underrated but it has since established its great worth. It is a beautifully balanced wine with a long future ahead of it. The Graham's 1980 stands amongst the finest wines of the Vintage.

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                    Graham's 1983 Vintage Port

                    This is a very muscular, powerful and age-worthy Vintage. It has exceptional balance and structure, and is intensely aromatic and full-bodied on the palate. There is an explosion of luscious black fruit flavours ending with hints of spice and mint. In blind tastings, the Graham's 1983 invariably obtains exceptional ratings.

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                      Graham's 1985 Vintage Port

                      Graham's 1985 is a very fine Vintage with a superb backbone and opulent, intense fruit. It is beautifully fresh and assertive on the nose, with perfumed floral aromas. Elegant and well-structured, this lovely wine will benefit from being kept in bottle for another few years but can be enjoyed now.

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                        Graham's 1991 Vintage Port

                        This is a wine with a very attractive nose, reminiscent of blackberries and violets. It is still very firm in the mouth with masses of tannins, and intensely rich, succulent fruit. Graham's 1991 Vintage is of superb quality, showing great promise for long-term ageing.

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                          Graham's 1994 Vintage Port

                          1994 was a classic growing season that produced grapes in quite superb condition. It soon became apparent during the harvest that the wines would be exceptional. This initial assessment has been ratified by the wines' development in bottle; resulting in Graham's characteristic richness, depth of flavour and concentration. Graham's 1994 Vintage Port has huge ageing potential. Quite simply a classic.

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                            Graham's 1997 Vintage Port

                            This excellent Vintage has an intense colour with a deep purple rim. On the nose it shows a luscious ripeness, with attractive floral aromas and hints of black cherry. On the palate it imparts a full-bodied structure, typical of Graham's, packed with layers and layers of fruit and firm tannins. The very long, accomplished finish indicates a great Vintage for long-term ageing.

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                              Graham's 2000 Vintage Port

                              This outstanding Vintage displays many of the aromas typical of Graham's, including ripe plum and ‘esteva' (gum cistus). In spite of its youth it is has already achieved a wonderful smoothness on the palate. Graham's 2000 Vintage is full and rich, with fresh blackberry and red plum notes.

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                                Graham's 2003 Vintage Port

                                Graham's 2003 Vintage Port is an extremely fine wine made in the very best Graham's tradition. It shows great depth of structure and layers of very ripe blackberry fruit. This is a classic Graham's Vintage in the style of its famous predecessors.

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                                  Graham's 2007 Vintage Port

                                  2007 was an excellent Vintage in the Douro. The weather, combined with the work of the viticulturists and the winemakers, produced a stunning Graham's Vintage Port. The sheer power, weight, complexity and balance of this wine guarantee its longevity.

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                                    Graham's 2011 Vintage Port

                                    The 2011 Vintage Port has been heralded as likely to mature into one of the greatest Vintages of either this or last century. It is already a complex wine of incredible intensity. It appears purple-black at the rim with aromas of blue violets, black China tea and ripe red fruit. On the palate, the powerful fruit merges into flavours of bitter dark chocolate with finely balanced acidity and tannins. This Vintage will age exceptionally well.

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                                      Graham's 2016 Vintage Port

                                      Like most parts of the world, the Douro has not been isolated from the effects of climate change, and unusual weather conditions over recent years have often departed from those typically associated with classic vintage years. Fortunately, in 2016 the stars aligned and the year brought superbly structured and balanced wines, allowing us to announce a full vintage declaration.

                                        Graham's 2017 Vintage Port

                                        This wine is produced from vines at the flagship Graham’s property in the Douro valley, Quinta dos Malvedos, with small parcels of top graded grapes from the other vineyards that supply Graham’s: Quinta do Tua, Quinta da Vila Velha, Quinta das Lages and Quinta do Vale das Malhadas. In 2017 42% less rain fell at Malvedos than the 30 year average and the vines produced a small but extremely high-quality crop with extraordinary concentration.  The wine was fermented in small batches at our specialist on-site winery at Malvedos. It carries the classic Graham’s hallmarks – full-bodied, rich, and opulent – and will provide great drinking pleasure for decades to come.

                                        Only 5,250 nine litre cases were bottled.

                                        For detailed information on each wine, see The Vintage Port Site.

                                          Graham's 2020 Vintage Port - Bicentenary Edition

                                          Graham’s 2020 Vintage Port is drawn from high altitude and north-west facing vines across three of Graham’s four estates – Quinta dos Malvedos (55%), Quinta da Vila Velha (25%), & Quinta do Tua (20%).
                                          This Vintage Port is a unique blend of co-fermented Touriga Nacional & Touriga Franca | co-fermented Sousão & Touriga Nacional (from the prized Stone Terraces at Malvedos) | Old mixed vines (field blend) | Alicante Bouschet. 
                                          The result is an extraordinarily opulent, intense, and fresh Vintage Port. While it has the classic Graham’s hallmarks, the wine is marked by a unique aromatic complexity and beautifully layered fruit.
                                          Limited commemorative bottling of 3,000 bottles (75cl).
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